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Smoczyk's Family History - continued

Well we grew and grew, adding trees, a building, larger evaporators, a filter press, and a siphon fill bottler. At our height, with the woods we leased, the sap we bought, along with the trees we tapped, we were a 12-18,000-tap operation! Not the biggest, but pretty big for this pioneer mom and pop team. In 1989 we started retailing the sweet stuff in our local small town stores. By 1991 we had moved to the big city, Eau Claire, 45 miles away. By this time we were also buying bulk syrup so we could supply the stores year round.

In 1996 we realized a goal Bill had had since he started in the syrup business and began distributing our syrup in the Twin Cities through a local distributor, where sales remain strong to this day. The name "High Ridge Reward" was chosen because our trees are on a "high ridge”, and the syrup is a "reward" for all the effort that goes into the making of it. We firmly believe God ordained this "Hobby" for this family and he has blessed it in so many ways we can't begin to count them. We have always given Him the glory and believe He has rewarded our efforts as well.

Sincerely, The Smoczyk Family